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Volunteering with the Atlanta200


Volunteer Resources/Instructions listed below Report
updated November 20, 2017

Volunteer Promo Codes are active - see step 1 below to
find yours or follow 6 steps if you are new

Jingle Mingle
December 16, 2017
Facebook Event

- Tutorial -

***Note: 11-20-2017 Host positions still available. Both Decorations and Check-In are no longer taking applications (Teams are at capacity). Those that are on those teams will receive email notification before Dec 1st)

Host Team:
promote the event (sell tickets) by simply telling their friends about the party. It's a fun and easy way to be a part of this awesome event.
Decorations Team - procurement, delivery, setup, and breakdown of lights, balloons, VIP table staging, check-in areas

Check-Point-Charlie - Greeters and check-in volunteers

All Volunteers - 6 Steps (6 minutes):

  1. REGISTER - click "sign up" button at bottom of this page www.atlanta200.org/volunteer use one email address (do not create multiple accounts)
  2. You will receive a welcome email in as little as a few minutes - to several hours. This email will confirm your Promo Code has been activated. If you have not received a confirmation email within 12 hours, send an email to kilby@atlanta200.org
  3. When you receive the confirmation email VERIFY your Promo Code by clicking the Promo Code link contained in the email message, follow the Xorbia shopping cart process to be certain 25% discount is extended - stopping short of acutally buying tickets.
  4. Facebook - join these links
  5. BONUS BONUS BONUS - Make it EEE-ZZZ-EEEE for your friends to use your Promo Code. Visit Promo Codes, find your name, copy the "Promo Code Link." When you send it to friends, they will not have to manually enter your Promo Code. Test it yourself and be sure to send the correct link to them. This will GREATLY increase the use of your code. Paste it Facebook and watch the magic!

Download Invitations
jpg format for posting on Facebook
PDF version for sending in email and print.
Word version - edit (i.e. add your Promo Code link to image and "Tickets")

-----Promo Codes:Recognition & Reward for Volunteers-----

***Volunteers earn 1 ea ticket for every 10 sold***

Volunteers earn 1 or more complimentary tickets for admission to the event. If you help with setup, decoration, or check-in, you should and do attend for free - you earned it. You can also help promote by inviting others - this is where the Promo Codes come in to play...

Why Promo Codes? You should be recognized for your efforts. While some volunteers are recognized for helping with Decoration, Check-In, and other, the majority of the 200 plus volunteers promote by encouraging others to attend and purchase tickets.

Promo Codes give us a way to do just that - track performance and recognize. While most volunteers expect nothing at all in return, I think the least we can do is award free entry to the event in return for your efforts. Most every event you ever attend has volunteers that are "complimentary" entry (yes, even those ushers at the Fox Theater get to watch the show for free:). There other benefits to the overall team efforts by creating some friendly competition - that is "who can sell the most tickets?" The Promo Code reports also set great examples of leadership and let other volunteers know what is possible, and encourage everyone to go the extra mile.

Promo Codes offer your friends a discounted purchase price online.

By the way, whether you sell one ticket or 100, you are a vital thread in our Atlanta200 volunteer fabric. If you need coaching or help selling tickets, feel free to email me, Steve Kilby, your ever-humble Event Producer kilby@atlanta200.org

----------Position Descriptions-----------

Host Team
SUPER EASY: Just be social...Your role is to spread the word and invite your friends and acquaintances to purchase tickets and attend. You have the privilege of inviting everyone to YOUR party. After Registering you will be issued a Promotion Code. You efforts are rewarded and recognized; for every 10 tickets purchased using your Promotion Code, you receive 1 complimentary ticket for admission with no toy required. Further, for each additional 10 tickets purchased using your Promo Code, you earn another ticket. There is no limit, and we usually have a few volunteers earn 10 to 15 tickets. We track performance so you can set a great leadership example to inspire others!

Decorations Team members sign-up, are contacted in advance of the event, and show up at 11:30 am on the morning of the event. Some help with deliver - especially if you have a truck or SUV. Others inflate and tie balloons or string lights. Setup usually takes 2 to 4 hours. All Deco Volunteers receive 1 complimentary admission with no toy required AFTER EVENT SETUP IS COMPLETE.

Check-In (night of) Greeters and Ticket Sales volunteers night of the event. Volunteers show show up 7 pm for your position and time-schedule assignments. The team leaders will give you 10 minutes of training. With 50 volunteers, your time commitment is no more than 60 minutes, but most enjoy this so much they try to stay longer :). Work 60 minutes, you earn your complimentary admission with no toy required.



Volunteer FAQs:

1. How do I know how many tickets have been purchased using my Promo Code? As ticket sales increase (around Dec 1) a sales report listing your name, promo code and number of tickets will be posted or accessible from this page. 90% of the tickets are sold during the last 14 days before the event.

2. How do I receieve my "earned" tickets? Two methods. The first is easiest; we cutoff ticket sales in advance of the event. At that time, an announcement will be published on the web site, Facebook, and Twitter. Shortly after the announcement, you will be issued a special promo code giving yo access to your earned tickets. The second method is simply show up and go the volunteer check-in at the entrance. Your results will be in a report.

3. I see my Promo Code listed, but it is not valid on the ticket (Xorbia) purchase page - what do I do? First, allow up to 12 hours after registration for your code to be active, then send me an email Subject: Promo Code...include your email address, first, last name, and I will fix it:) kilby@atlanta200.org